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Having poor morphology

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After months of suspense on Frank Ocean's long-awaited new album Boys Don't Cry Cheap Nikita Kucherov Hoodie , the artist on Monday shared some news - that he can saw wood.

The mellow hip-hop star put on his website a mysterious live stream that appeared to show him doing woodwork next to two tables and amplifiers.

Little else was clear about the livestream, which by afternoon showed the room was empty and the only sound was static.

Fans on social media speculated about the meaning, with one theory being that Ocean was explaining that he was still working on the album.

Ocean has revealed little about Boys Don't Cry other than the title. His website shows a library due-date card with a series of dates; the only future one is November 13, raising speculation that is the album's release date.

Ocean won wide acclaim for his 2012 debut album Channel Orange, which defies easy classification by bringing together R&B, jazz and funk with Ocean's gentle Cheap Steven Stamkos Hoodie , often-falsetto voice.

Much of the album revolves around feelings of first and unrequited love. Ocean later revealed that his first love was a man, a rare openness in the often macho world of hip-hop that led stars including Jay Z to applaud him for coming out.

At least one sign was unambiguous on his website's livestream - the logo of Apple Music, the streaming service of the tech giant.

Apple Music has sought out exclusives as it tries to challenge streaming leader Spotify, although it was unclear if Boys Don't Cry will be among them.

Canadian rapper Drake initially made his Views an Apple exclusive.

When trying to get pregnant, many women spend so much time worrying about their own bodies that they often overlook the fertility of their male partner. What causes low sperm count? And just what are the signs of infertility in men? Luckily, there are methods describing how to increase sperm count naturally Cheap Vladislav Namestnikov Shirt , with no drugs, no doctors, and no harmful side effects.

Sperm count fertility is a subject many men shy away from, whether they don t want the doctor s visit or they don t like their fertility being called into question at all. This is silly, but the signs and symptoms of this problem can also be recognized from home. Many an individual factor has been linked that causes low sperm count. Among these are the consumption of excessive alcohol, high levels of caffeine intake Cheap Andrei Vasilevskiy Shirt , smoking, and many physical factors as well. Men who are fit and healthy will always have higher concentrations, motility, and vitality of sperm than those who are not. Sometimes occupational issues come into play also jobs that require the use of toxins and pesticides can, over time, contribute to male infertility. Drug use Cheap Victor Hedman Shirt , such as with cocaine and marijuana, can also play a big role in whether or not the female partner will be having trouble getting pregnant.

Testing sperm count is one way to know exactly what problems a man may be having with fertility. Unfortunately, the treatments involved are usually risky and often have harmful and unwanted side effects. Hormone replacement therapy, increasing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels, and the administration of testosterone are all viable methods for helping increase sperm count fast. But these techniques involve changes to the man s body that could leave unwanted effects long after a baby is conceived. And if conception takes longer than expected? The male will need to endure these treatments for that much longer also.

Before undergoing this process, it s wise to consider how to increase sperm count naturally Cheap Jake Dotchin Shirt , through the use of dietary methods and proven herbal supplements. These, when combined with some specific exercises, can dramatically increase the quality and quantity of the male ejaculate. Below are just some of the factors that can be improved through the use of natural healing methods:

* Volume Increasing the volume of semen will go a long way toward increasing chances to getting pregnant.

* pH Understand how high acidic levels within a man s body can actually kill spermatozoa cells. There are natural ways to lower your pH levels in a direction that will favor conception.

* DensityPopulation This is the measure of how many sperm cells are located within a set amount of seminal fluid. The higher the density, the more concentration of cells, and the better the chances of fertilization.

* Motility Highly active sperm cells will always swim faster and more vigorously than those with lower motility. By improving this factor you can up the chances of pregnancy by more than half.

* Morphology Every sperm should conform to the usual, normal specifications of this standard type of cell. Some do not. Having poor morphology will decrease the chance of these cells ever reaching the egg Cheap Braydon Coburn Shirt , simply because they re not of the optimal shape and size. Better morphology equals better swimming.

* Vitality Millions of sperm are released during the male orgasm, and one by one, they all eventually perish. A higher vitality means these cells will live longer, last longer, and therefore have a better chance of making their way up the fallopian tube to reach the ovum. Find out how boosting vitality will boost male fertility.

Vitamins can also help, but some can actually be detrimental to getting a woman pregnant. It s important to know which ones you should be taking Cheap Yanni Gourde Shirt , and which should be avoided at all costs. But no matter what you do, the male should try to take a natural approach toward getting his body ready for fathering a child: physically, mentally, and herbally.

For more information, check out this amazing resource for sperm count fertility. And for couples having trouble conceiving a child, be sure to visit Baby Pregnancy Guide for all kinds of pre pregnancy and infertility advice Cheap Ryan Callahan Shirt , articles, and information.

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